Responsive design

We always build responsive websites!

Responsive design when we talk about websites is simply about the website and its content adapting to the size of the screen. When smartphones started to ravage the market, this concern was often tackled by making 2 different websites about the same thing. One website for larger screen and one for mobile devices. However, this is something that can still be used and sometimes there is evidence for it.

Responsive design is not quite the same as mobile adapded design, but it is often said that it is both mobile adapted and scales and adapts to all different screen sizes.

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Why do I need this?

Most people probably do not really think much about the concept of responsive design, they take it for granted. However, you have probably noticed at some point that a website on your laptop that worked well and looked good, did not look as good in your tablet at all. Maybe it was even unusable?

If you knew that all your potential customers used a large screen when they visited your website, you would practically not have to think about what it looks like in other screen sizes. However, you can never know this. Today, there are so many incredible devices with different screen sizes and you simply do not know what size your potential customer is using.

How much does it cost?

When we submit a price for a website we are to develop for your company, responsive design is already included. It is a matter of course for us like so many others. Today, we also know the statistics on which devices are used online. More than 50% of all surfing that takes place online today takes place through mobile devices.

Do you have an older developed website that you would like to preserve in terms of appearance but which is neither responsive nor mobile-friendly? Then we can help you rebuild it so that it becomes responsive and even mobile-friendly – we are happy to give a price for it.

Sometimes, however, it can be more cost-effective to build a completely new product – yes, at least if you hire us!