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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a network protocol used between 2 devices to encrypt transmitted data.

Then why is it important? The first point we want to make is that it is important for search engines such as Google to consider it important. A website without SSL certificates has lower priority over one that has SSL certificates installed.

The second point has to do with the security of those who use your service. When data between client and website (a server somewhere where your website is located) is sent, the data will pass a variety of nodes (similar to nodes in routers). If you send data from location A to C and the data has to go through location B to get to C, it means that if someone can access the stream of data from location B, they can also read the data and manipulate it before it arrives. to location C. When data is sent encrypted, this becomes much more difficult (next to impossible).

Suppose you log in to your bank and must enter sensitive login information. If your bank had not had a high level of security thinking, we could imagine that they ignored the use of SSL certificates. This means that the website you see in your browser may actually be modified by a third party so that it looks like Swedbank’s website but is in fact something completely different. When you enter your login details, the fraudster will access them.

If you have a simple company website where no one needs to enter any information, an SSL certificate is actually unnecessary from a purely security aspect, but as we talked about earlier, it benefits your visibility to use SSL. In addition, the browser your potential customer uses will warn if SSL certificates do not exist. Even if the potential customer does not know what it’s about, he will probably get a bad idea towards your company and the services / products you offer.

We always install SSL certificates for our customers free of charge.

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