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Offpage Search Engine Optimization?

Offpage SEO is really aimed at, just as you might suspect – anything that happens outside your website that affects your search engine rankings.

If you think that you and your main competitor are fighting over the positions in Google search and you have exactly the same content and the same conditions onpage. So now we imagine 2 exactly the same websites with identical content that does not result in collisions from Google’s perspective (this is not true in reality).
So what determines which of you should appear first in the Google search results?

One of the ranking factors is backlinks. A backlink simply means that someone links to your website from their website. So let’s say you also have the same number of links and from the same sources? What is it that determines who “wins” then?

Traffic / clicks to your website. If you have higher traffic (organic traffic) to your website and everything else is exactly the same, well then you will rank higher – unless you get a higher bounce rate that is, or that the traffic to your competitor is more “relevant” – in the locations where Google can determine the user’s geographical location.

We can continue down an endless “rabbithole” but somewhere it has to end, right?

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