Are you going to start an online shop and start selling products online or do you currently have a local but want to broaden your customer base?

You may be asking yourself the question or living with the perception that the only thing needed for you to succeed in sales is to develop an online shop. Unfortunately, this is rarely how it works. In order for a visitor to be attracted to purchase, a strategy is required, both for how your web shop should look and which target group you primarily want to meet.

Getting the cheapest possible online shop and then pocketing a large amount of money in digital marketing is not something we can recommend.

We can develop a solution that suits you, tailored to your needs and if desired; a strategic plan for how to succeed with sales optimally.

To find out exactly what your webshop can cost, we recommend that you fill in our quotation form and we will return with a price proposal.

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WooCommerce – a powerful tool

WooCommerce is a so-called “plugin” for WordPress which in turn expands the basic functionality of WordPress so that a webshop can be run.

Payment Solutions

Choose from a variety of payment solutions, all to make it easier for both you and the customer.
Klarna, Payson, invoice or Swish and more.

Product Types

Whether you are selling products or services or even events, we can develop the solution for you.

We distinguish between “simple products” and “variable products”. A variable product can have different colors, sizes or other attributes while a simple product has only 1 choice.

If you want to keep costs down, you can enter your products in the finished web shop yourself, otherwise we will be happy to do it for you at a running hourly rate or at a fixed price based on how many products are to be added and how advanced they should be.

Professional product

We give you a professional product that can grow and be modified over time, both in terms of appearance and functionality – completely according to your wishes.

Other Features

If you are looking for a booking system or other service for your company, get in touch with us and we will make sure to help you both at a competitive price and with tailored functions.

Custom Web Store

You may not want to use WooCommerce as a base for your shop? OK! We can develop your web shop through a different system or tailor it completely from scratch.

Ongoing support

We help you familiarize yourself with your new web shop so that you have control over how you handle orders, change shipping options and add products. If there are any concerns along the way, we are here ready to help you.

Webshop – package

Price example

Below you will find a hum about the price pictures in the normal case, but the packages below are not engraved in stone.
Contact us for a tailor-made quote , whether it’s a budget of $565 or $5650 – we want to be able to help everyone with a suitable product regardless of budget.

This is included in all packages

Webshop developed in Woocommerce
Sales and administration system, Woocommerce
Responsive Design and mobile adapted
Unlimited number of products
Contact form
1 High resolution image / page
Image gallery
1 shipping option
Payment solution through Payson
Instructions on how to manage your new web shop
Other support $68/h

If you choose our webhosting solution

Publishing Webbpoolen $0
Publishing on another web host $99
Unlimited number of emails
Unlimited traffic
Daily backup of database
Fast server response
Maximum uptime (we have managed to keep our services running with 100% uptime so far). Read more
Secure server environment resistant to possible hacker attacks. More about how we do this
Webbshop Brons
Design According to template
Subpages 5
SEO - onpage BASIC
Functionality BASIC
Pagespeed mobile/computer atleast 50/80
Help with texts Optional
Pictures in addition to those included Optional
Logo Optional
Optimization Basic
Payment solution Paypal
Help with simple products
Help with variable products
Shipping options One
Google Analytics Optional
Email or phone support 1 hour
Installment 12 months $120 * 12
Webbshop Silver
Design As required
Subpages 10
SEO - onpage SILVER
Functionality BAS
Pagespeed mobile/computer minst 50/80
Help with texts Optional
Pictures in addition to those included Optional
Logo Optional
Optimization Silver
Payment solution Paypal
Help with simple products
Help with variable products
Shipping options Max 10
Google Analytics
Email or phone support 2 hours
Installment 12 months $170 * 12

Quotation is made based on your demands

Webbshop Guld
Design As required
Subpages As required
SEO - onpage Gold
Functionality As required
Pagespeed mobile/computer Atleast 50/80
Help with texts As required
Pictures in addition to those included As required
Logo As required
Optimization Gold
Payment solution You choose
Help with simple products
Help with variable products
Shipping options As required
Google Analytics
Email or phone support As required
Installment 12 months $225 * 12