There are probably very few who do not know what a logo is for something, but to be a little humble, it is a graphic brand or symbol. Sometimes the logo is composed with the company name itself and an icon / image that should give some kind of feeling to the person who sees it.

A logo can give a company an identity. When we produce websites and work with logos that contain colors, the website’s colors will usually adapt to the logo – to give a good overall impression.

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Do I need a logo?

Yes, you need it if you want to strengthen your brand and get people to recognize you. If we look at logos behind large groups, they have spent so much on marketing that almost everyone knows what kind of company it is and what they offer just by seeing their logo.

Logo is an old concept that dates back as far as 2000 BC (as far as we know ..).

We can produce a logo from $170, but if you want a more advanced logo or have it vectorized, it costs a penny more than that.

Vectorized logo

A vectorized logo is a logo that no matter what pixel surface it is to be presented on, it will not lose in quality. This is what we recommend all companies to invest in. Then you only need to produce the logo once and can then use it in all possible ways, with sharp quality.

If it is to be presented on the website as on your company car or perhaps a large billboard.

If you know that you should only use your logo on your website and thus know exactly what pixel size it should look sharp for, then a simple logo is actually enough. There are also so-called logo builders that allow you to easily create a logo via the browser.

If I am not satisfied?


If you are not satisfied with the first proposal we produce, we will continue to work until you feel satisfied. We do not take it badly if you totally saw our proposal, we almost prefer that you do it if that is how you feel.

The most important thing is that the end result will be exactly as you have imagined.

Suggestions on how it should be designed?

A logo does not have to be advanced, the simpler it is the better it really is but it must somehow reflect what your company does.

We love abstract logos, it makes people think at the same time as they are probably more likely to remember it.

You could theoretically design a logo with up to 3 different colors, but we recommend 2 max 2 colors.