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Do you also want to stand out on the web? With our help, you get the conditions required to strengthen your brand, which in turn opens up the possibilities for increased sales.
We can start from your budget and develop an optimal package that has opportunities to be further developed when you are willing to invest even more digitally.

Our products can always be further developed even after delivery.
We want you to be able to manage your website without our help. This is one of the reasons why most people choose WordPress

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Make it easy

We want it to be easy to order a website. No matter what budget you have, we can produce an example that suits you. When you fill in the quotation form, we collect all the information we need to give you a personal proposal. We want to somehow give you the chance to control the cost. If your budget is low, we can still develop a product that has the opportunity to grow over time.

Everything on your terms!

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You own your product

You as a customer must have control over your product. We abhor lock-in times and unscrupulous players whose sole purpose is to enter the market and make money – without caring about the end customer. We think a little further than that. We believe in lifelong cooperation (corporate cooperation) with the intention that both parties will benefit from it. We do not care where you want your domain name, email or web host. It’s entirely up to you. Should you in any way feel dissatisfied and want to change supplier, we will package your product so that the next supplier can easily publish it in a different environment.

Everything must be on the customer’s terms. What do you think?

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Price example…

Included in all packages

Website developed in Wordpress
Responsive Design
Contact form
1 High resolution image / page
Image gallery

When you choose our Web hosting

Unlimited number of emails
Unlimited trafic
Daily backups of your database
Website medium
Design / appearance Template to start from
Subpages 7
Functionality Standard
CMS WordPress
SEO Medium
Optimization Medium
Safety 100%
Google Analytics Optional
Texts Optional
Images Optional
Logo Optional
Installment options 12*$90
Website Large
Design / appearance As required
Subpages 10
Functionality Customer proposal
CMS Wordpress
SEO Large
Optimization Large
Safety 100%
Google Analytics Included
Texts Optional
Images Optional
Logo Optional
Installment options 12*$135kr
Website XL
Design / appearance As required
Subpages According to agreement
Functionality According to agreement
CMS WordPress
SEO According to agreement
Optimization According to agreement
Safety 100%
Google Analytics Included
Texts According to agreement
Images According to agreement
Installment options 12*$170

Optimal business package

An optimal package that we recommend all companies to choose.

Business package

Website Small

Not having the budget for a website with the price examples above? Leave a request and we can put together a package based on your budget that can be further developed over time. We want to help all companies, regardless of budget.

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