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    What is included in the analysis?

    We investigate which search phrases your potential customers may use when looking for products or services that you offer.

    When we have collected suitable phrases, we examine how much search traffic the phrases have on average per month and what positions you currently have.

    The analysis also shows which search phrases are most favorable to invest in for increased visibility.

    Did you know that the speed or “pagespeed” of your website is a determining factor in how good rankings you get at Google?

    We make an analysis and check if there are any shortcomings that cause you to get a slower charging speed than necessary.

    The test should be taken with a pinch of salt as a worse result does not automatically mean that your website is bad. It simply depends on what functionality your website requires and what resources are used to enable this. If the website is simple and does not really need any advanced functionality but still gives a bad result, well then it indicates shortcomings of the person who developed the product. We therefore do not blindly look at the rating itself, but the points that contribute to a poorer charging speed.

    Check pagespeed

    A website that is not mobile-friendly can lose many potential leads / customers as over 50% of all internet surfing takes place via mobile phones.

    Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites first.

    If the website is responsive, it can also very well be mobile-adapted, but responsiveness is not equal to mobile-adapted. The fact that the website is responsive only means that the size and position of the elements change based on how much resolution is used. Responsiveness is not something that works automatically, it is something that must be defined in what is called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is the code that determines what your website should look like, which can also be done in such a way that it determines what your website should look like based on how much resolution is used.

    Responsiveness is important! If done correctly, you have a website that looks good in ALL devices, mobile phone, tablet, Laptop and larger screens.

    We go through what technology is used on your current website and whether it is optimized. Many websites use too many resources.

    Is your website structured in a way that makes it easy for the end user to use? Have you thought about which colors are suitable and which fonts look best for the target group you want to meet?

    We review your existing product and make suggestions for improvements in terms of user-friendliness.