Web hosting for all purposes

If a service is to be accessible over the network, one or more computers connected to the Internet are required. Get to know what happens from the step of entering a URL in the address bar of a web browser until you “arrive” at the website you are trying to visit.

Regardless of whether it is a website or other project run through the network, it is required that there is computer capacity that can handle incoming requests. A lot happens behind the scenes and for the average person it is very difficult to determine the quality when it comes to hosting. Let’s say you have your website located on a web host somewhere, you wonder what the web host actually does, what quality you get.

For a simple comparison, we exchange your website for a store in a shopping center. Your store has restrictions on the number of customers that can be handled, the mall in turn has restrictions on the number of customers that can be in there. In most hosting environments, you get to share a place with someone else like the mall example. Should the store next door receive a lot of visits / traffic, you will be negatively affected, it will be more difficult for the customers who want to get to your particular store to get there.

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Professional web hosting

It actually matters what type of hosting you choose.
Hosting is one of the most important pieces to digital success. Without a fast, secure and optimized server environment, your website (or other application) will suffer in terms of performance, or suffer a hacker attack that has fatal consequences.

Hosting / web hosting with us means 100% uptime. Always online!
Regardless of whether it is websites or other applications that are to be accessible over the network, we apply the security measures required so that nothing can go wrong.

If you do not want your service to live in a shared environment, together with other customers, we can offer completely dedicated servers that are only there to service your product and your needs.

If you have a listed company that needs a new environment in terms of hosting, we can give you the solution that makes you resist hacker attacks in the form of brutal force or ddos. A solution that keeps you online in both headwinds and tailwinds.

Computer power

Price example … (Bonding time at least 12 months)

Shared environment (regular websites)

SSL certificate
Fast response time
Unlimited amount of data
Unlimited traffic
Load balanced

+ Dedicated server (listed company)

Protection against DDOS
Protection against Brutal Force
Daily backups
$5,54 /
Hosting basic
Websites 1
Diskspace 20 GB
Backup 1 / week
Bandwidth 100 GB / month
Emailadresses 3
Number of emails sent per day 1000
Support 2 H / year
$26 /
Hosting Business
Websites 3
Diskspace 200 GB
Backup Daily
Bandwidth 1 TB
Emailadresses 20
Number of emails sent per day 10 000
Support 6 H / year
Hosting Pro
Websites Unlimited
Diskspace Unlimited
Backup Daily
Bandwidth Unlimited
Emailadresses Unlimited
Number of emails sent per day Unlimited
Support Unlimited

No matter what type of network service you are going to run, get in touch with us and share thoughts and ideas. We do not charge for you to consult us!

We can not provide alternatives above that satisfy everyone’s needs, but believe that we can be flexible and familiarize yourself with your particular idea and come up with a proposal that works just for you.

We really look forward to hearing from you, whatever your needs!