Results-based SEO

Result-based Search Engine Optimization?

We offer a service where we work proactively, ie we work until we have achieved what we have agreed on before we start charging.

Let’s say that you run a construction company and want to be seen on the first page of the phrase “construction company london”. Then we submit a price proposal based on the search traffic and competition as well as calculated resources required to work up the phrase.

We check the positions of the phrases every day and it is only the days you appear on the first page that we charge a cost. Generally speaking, the average cost per phrase becomes cheaper the more phrases you choose to optimize.

Unlike many others who work in a similar way, we make a difference in price for positions 1-5 and 6-10. Position 1-5 will generate more traffic than 6-10!

See table below for examples of how we charge.

Searchphrase Söktrafik / månad Position 1-5 Position 6-10
carpenter london 200 $4 / day $2.5 / day
construction company london 600 $8 / day $6 / day

Do you not like the proposal?

If you do not want us to work based on results and instead want point initiatives where we apply measures with the intention of optimizing your visibility, it is of course just as well.

The results-based option is mainly so that you do not lose anything on it if we can not deliver. Another beneficial part is that we take a strategic holistic approach and optimize both Onpage and Offpage completely free of charge.

The disadvantage is, of course, a notice period that is directly necessary for the performance-based alternative. Normal notice periods start from 3 months and up.