Who are Webpoolen? How did they come about and what are their long-term goals?

Webpoolen is a relatively newly started web agency with cutting-edge expertise in mainly 4 areas related to digital marketing, hosting, websites and UI / UX. We currently consist of 3 employees but with about ten partners / subcontractors with cutting-edge knowledge in their respective areas.

Our main goal is to offer the market’s most cost-effective model for a successful digital investment.
Delivering quality beyond the customer’s expectations in terms of price is something we love to do.

Even though the competition is high at regular intervals, we try to penetrate and spread our services, messages and prices as best we can. Sometimes we meet entrepreneurs who do not dare to start a collaboration with us because they think we are too small. This often leads to them using a larger web agency with a much higher price picture, where the result is sometimes worse.

With us, you pay less, but get more than what our competitors can give within the same price picture.

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An agency to trust

We do not leave any customer dissatisfied. That is our most important goal.
Problems can arise and in the end we are only human. Should you as a customer feel dissatisfied or lose confidence in us, we will fight for you!

A collaboration is based on trust and therefore we see absolutely no problem with you comparing prices and services with our competitors. We think you should do that on an ongoing basis!

Should a competitor contact you with an offer, we are happy to provide feedback on the offer completely impartially.
In the end, it is about YOU succeeding. If we can be the party that helps you on the path to success, we will also succeed.

We grow with our customers

Of course, you know more about your business than we do and sometimes you may not agree with us on how we should tackle your situation in the best way. If you ask us to do something that we think can be done in a better way, we will let you know, in a humble way of course. Then you get more meat on your bones and can make a decision accordingly. In the end, of course, it’s you who decides!

You can control your budget completely! However, some strategies require a minimum budget to be able to execute, but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice your entire marketing budget on us before you even know if it will work.

Get in touch with us and tell us a little more about your particular situation so we can see if a profitable collaboration can be established that can also grow at the pace you want.

You are safe in our hands