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    We assume your budget!

    Our goal is to meet the unique needs and wishes of all customers in the best possible way.

    The higher the budget, the better product you will naturally get as a customer.

    We also want to be able to help small, newly-started companies to come online using one of our professional templates. When the company then accelerates and the business grows, it is possible to expand the product.

    Price examples for website productions


    Design Template*
    Responsive 100%
    Functionality Template
    System WP
    Subpages Mall**
    SEO Small
    Security Small
    Content Client brings
    Images Client brings
    Other content Client brings
    Optimization Small
    12 months $ 29/month
    After payment 0 /month***
    * = adjustments Less
    ** = adjustments Less
    **** = webhotel See hosting

    $ 299


    Design Template/S*
    Responsive 100%
    Functionality Template/S*
    System WP
    Subpages Max 15**
    SEO Medium
    Security Medium
    Content Client brings
    Images Client brings
    Other content Client brings
    Optimization Medium
    12 months $ 49/month
    After payment 0 /month***
    * = special Customized
    ** = Discussed
    *** = webbhotell See hosting

    $ 499


    Design S*
    Responsive 100%
    Functionality S*
    System WP/D
    Subpages Max 25**
    SEO Large
    Security 100%
    Content Feedback
    Images Feedback
    Other content Feedback
    Optimization Large
    12 months $ 99 /month
    After payment 0 /month***
    * = special Customized
    ** = Discussed
    *** = webbhotell See hosting

    $ 999


    Design S*
    Responsive 100%
    Functionality S*
    System WP/D**/S*
    Subpages Unlimited
    SEO XL
    Security 100%
    Content According to agreement
    Images According to agreement
    Other content According to agreement
    Optimization XL
    12-24 months Agreement
    After payment 0 kr/month***
    * = special Customized
    ** = Wordpress Drupal
    *** = webbhotell See hosting

    From $ 1200

    More about new production – websites

    Why choose website from the WebbPoolen?

    We have encountered many web agencies that tie up their customers in difficult agreements, where the web agency owns and thus controls the product the customer has purchased.

    This means that many companies in Sweden today pay, for monthly fees for the company, between 5,000 and 10,000 kr per year plus VAT, which in the long term will be a lot of money if we count for several years in the future.

    They have usually also paid a production cost, usually between 5,000 and 30,000 kr for their website.

    Our view is that these suppliers, if the customer wants to cancel cooperation, closes the domain and the product is over, meaning a new production cost and then monthly fees from another supplier.

    We do not work that way when we want our customers to be satisfied and feel free! </ em>

    We have no maturity with monthly fees, unlike most other companies in the market.

    We want our customers to feel free, which means that the page should be owned and controlled by the customer, not the web agency.

    The page thus belongs to you as a customer and you are free to place it (web hosting) you want.

    We can always offer payment options.

    CHOOSE FROM ONE OF OUR example templates!

    Price as shown above: $ 299
    See if any of these budget options are falling in taste.

    There is room for some change to match just you and your company.

    • Change logo
    • Change font
    • Change colors on links and other buttons
    • You provide texts, images, and other content that we then install

    If you need extra functionality, we would like to appreciate it.We can also install the template itself as it looks right now on your domain. Then you can then replace texts, pictures and other content.

    This option then costs $ 49